• Allen Village School  
     Allen Village School is a K-12 charter school located in the heart of Westport.  We have two campuses both within walking distance of each other.  The original location is located at 706 W 42nd St. and is home to our K-8 academies. Our newest location is at 4251 Bridger Rd. and is home to our newest addition, Allen Village High School, grades 9-12.
          Here at Allen Village School we keep the teacher to student ratio low, which helps provide more attention to each individual student.  We also take great pride in our technological resources for students and staff which provide an advanced learning atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else. Each class room is equipped with HD Projectors, interactive SmartBoards, and document cameras to help facilitate learning, but most importantly, we are a 1 to 1 school. This means that every student in our school is given their own personal laptop (or iPad for K-2) to use during the school year to help further enhance their learning experiences. 
          The experience here at Allen Village School is truly unique compared to most schools.  We believe in the philosophy that if you work hard, success will come.  If you're looking for a school that will challenge your child, push them forward, and help them grow, then Allen Village School is the place for you.