• AV Student Resources Page

    Here you will find helpful links. Check back often. This page will be updated throughout the year.

    Essential Sites: 
    • AV Email -Email site for all students. Don't forget your username and passwords!
    • Google Classroom - Virtual classrooms with G-Mail Integration.
    • Turnitin - Identify unoriginal content
    Educational Sites:
    • Reading Eggs - Makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids (K-2). Internet based
    • IXL - K-1: Math & ELA / 2-8: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies / 9-12: Math & ELA. Internet based
    • Coach Digital - Grades 1-8 practice in Math, ELA, and Science
    • BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. & BrainPop Espanol- Animated Educational Site for Kids. Internet based
    • BrainPop ELL (English Language Learner) - Animated Educational Site for students learning English
    • EpicInstantly Access Over 20,000 Books for Kids 12 and Under. Internet based
    • Khan Academy - To provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Internet based
    • Vocabulary.com - To learn new words and increase your vocabulary


    Tools for Technology:

              These are tools for students to access or download at the discretion of the AV technology team. 
              Inform your teacher and a visit will be scheduled to complete installations per student or class.