• Old SchoolAllen Village School can be traced back to 1854 when it was known as the Westport Main School, located in the basement of the Westport Methodist church. In 1856, voters authorized the school board to collect a tax of $1,000.00 in order to purchase the basement rooms of the church, making it the first tax-supported school in Kansas City.

    Mr. Arthur Mason Allen was hired to teach at the school in 1857. During his tenure, the Westport Main School was constructed. A fire in the school Reconstructed Schoolcaused irreparable damage and the school was razed and a new one built in 1895. Four years later the school was annexed by the Kansas City School District and officially name the A.M. Allen School. Construction for a third building on the property began in 1912 with yet another addition in 1927.

    Allen School was closed in June of 1938 due to decreasing enrollment. However, there were a number of families in the Westport community who opposed the school’s closing and as a result of their efforts, the school was reopened in Old & NewSeptember of 1938. Unfortunately, the school was closed again in 1976. After remaining empty for two years it became the Westport Allen Center and housed a number of non-profit organizations including the Kansas City  Ballet.

    In the fall of 1999, Allen Village School was established. At a Grand Opening Ceremony on November 23, 1999, this K-8 charter school was officially dedicated as the “new kid on the block!”