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Parade of Hearts

This year, 528 local artists submitted potential heart ideas through an application process to be part of this amazing project.  Out of those 528 artists, 40 were chosen. We are proud to say that our 6th - 12th grade art teacher, Ann Johnson, will be a part of the Parade of Hearts this year. Parade of Hearts is a public art experience that captures art through heart sculptures with the initials KC engraved. Many of these hearts have been displayed throughout the Kansas City Metro area. Each year, hearts are auctioned off, and the highest bidder is given the opportunity to place the heart wherever they want in Kansas City. The money will be given to organizations that help those affected by events of the last few years. Ms. Ann Johnson has shown nothing, but dedication by devoting over 3 months of hard work after school and on weekends to ensure that her heart is wonderful and representative of her talents and love for Kansas City.  We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing her amazing artwork displayed in Kansas City.

Click Here To View The Video: Timelaspe Of Creating The Heart

KC Heart Front Back