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    Daily Update: 12/03/2015
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    Urgent News Stock Holders! Pay attention to your money because stocks are plummeting once again! When November began we were on the tail end of a massive upswing (things were looking good). After peaking in the mid $200 range, we began to see a slight decline.  Well, our worst fears have come true for the end of November/ beginning of December.  Our stocks took a huge hit as we posted a record drop, allowing almost $100 dollars to slip through our fingers, bringing our stock value to $109.  To give you an example of how bad this is, our stocks were not regularly in the low $100 range since October 19th, which was almost a month and a half ago!  Its time to buckle down stockholders and help our value rise so we can reclaim some of that money we lost!  
    As always, remember…. 'The Price is UP TO YOU!'